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Finance Simplified

Finance Simplified

Modernize processes to uncover accurate financial information you can count on.

Odyssey for Finance Teams

When managing a company's finances, you literally cannot afford to make any mistakes. But tracking the flow of expenses that come in and out of your organization can be a tedious task, especially with inefficient processes in place.

Luckily, automation can eliminate the chaos associated with existing time-consuming manual processes. With the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform, you can deeply integrate your tools, applications, and devices to make finance and accounting responsibilities more efficient across the enterprise. Odyssey’s integration capabilities orchestrate the secure collection of important financial data across your accounts and platforms. This allows your finance team to spend more time analyzing the reasoning behind the outcomes, rather than using valuable time to manually round-up this data.

With increased data accuracy and streamlined integrations, you can count on real-time updates on your financials to ensure your organization is not taken by surprise. Whether it is facilitating payroll and expense data, matching vendor invoices to purchase orders and contracts, or consolidating financial information for analysis, Odyssey can customize the workflows to match your organization’s needs. With the power of no code automation, your team can trust in the financial data they view to make insightful business decisions.

Securely Streamline Financial Data Across the Enterprise

Consistency is Key

Creating consistent processes across departments makes all the difference in allocating budgets. Odyssey quickly retrieves data, making it easy for finance teams to analyze variants in projections. The platform also automates vendor invoice reconciliation for accurate expense management and creates an integrated time management system for payroll.

Eliminate Manual Process Chaos

Integrating your applications, systems, and devices with Odyssey allows your team more time to determine the underlying implications of the business results versus creating the business results. Eliminating time-consuming manual tasks with automation speeds up budget and reimbursement approvals and increases information accuracy so your team can make smarter decisions.

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Secure Real-Time Data

Streamlining the connection between different platforms and accounts increases compliance across the enterprise. With Odyssey, financial data can quickly and securely be transferred and automatic audit trails capture the details to eliminate confusion. This applies to both revenue and expense analysis, giving your team access to real-time information when it’s needed most.

Your System – Smarter. Bring Your Teams Together.

The Odyssey Digital Automation Platform works across your entire organization, connecting software, data and departments, all without the user touching a single line of code.

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the Power of Odyssey

Odyssey is a powerful digital automation platform that enables its solutions with relentless simplicity. The Odyssey platform handles the complexities of managing workflow, scheduling, security, cross-platform interoperability and integration, audit and logging, reporting, and more. It’s web-enabled, and scales for capacity and redundancy in a variety of environments.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.