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Partner Portal

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The Partnership

Hearing our partners list their customers’ priorities of faster time-to-market, driving efficiencies within business units and optimizing data for purposes of making more strategic decisions, Pantheon and the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform responded. Through our network of strategic global partnerships, Pantheon has delivered success to customers like yours using a true no-code automation platform, Odyssey, which automates more than 5,000 processes within over 400 applications to maximize data quality and availability, streamline processes and workflows within each business unit and deliver results faster, with a greater ROI. We are dedicated to Relentless Simplicity, both for your clients and for you when it comes to driving your individual success by provide world-class services and solutions. Join our family today!

Why Choose Odyssey?

  • Pantheon: A global software company with a strong industry presence.
  • Odyssey: Our flagship product for comprehensive automation and integration.
  • Diverse Customer Base: Serving various industries, including Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and more.
  • Fortune 10 Credibility: Tier-1 preferred vendor status with major companies.
  • Full-Service Support: Our Global Services team provides end-to-end assistance.
  • Streamlined Solutions: Odyssey automates responses, ticket linkage, and acts as middleware.
  • Proven Success: Transforming manual processes into real-time solutions.
  • Data Expertise: Benefit sales and marketing efforts with data analytics.
  • Customer-Centric: Partnering with us ensures reliable support.
  • Global Impact: Leverage our expertise for business growth.

Your Success Is Our Success

We provide training, marketing and 1-1 support.

What is Odyssey ?

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Partner Registration

Register your interest in becoming an Odyssey Partner today. Partners have access to several resources designed to help them sell more and increase their revenue. The also have access to specific documentation, training and 1-1 access to a partner manager ready to answer any questions you may have. There's no cost to register your interest and upon approval, will have access the partner program training material. Submit the registration form below and we will be in touch shortly.