Odyssey Automation



The Odyssey Features that Power Transformation

Features that Power Transformation

The features of the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform are designed to deliver, both singularly and collectively, a quick and sturdy means of creating automation and transformation in your enterprise.

OA Platform

As illustrated in the image above, Odyssey is comprised of the following tools all in a “point and click” process quickly eliminating the “other duties as assigned” freeing your team for higher-level value-added work:

When taken together, in its No-Code wrapper, Odyssey accelerates speed to value by taking only 20% of the standard development cycle. This is due to the visual modelling environment that is easy to use and requires no coding … Odyssey does the coding for you!

Odyssey Tooling

As you can see, there is a wide diversity in what can be done with the tool. This tool is appropriate for both the professional developer and citizen developer, where an understanding of workflow and applications in that workflow is all that is needed to be successful. Additional Odyssey capabilities enabled by the core features mentioned below are as follows:

Actionable Dashboards

Embedded AI/ML

Real-time Notifications

Natural Language Processing

Mobility App


Smart Form Design


Cloud & Database Agnostic

The Benefits

Reduced time to market, due to the platform's no-code automation capabilities. This means that businesses can create custom applications without needing to write any code.
Quick and easy deployment, thanks to pre-built connectors and templates.
Increased satisfaction among users, as the platform is very easy to use.
World-class security features, providing peace of mind for businesses.

Benefits realized by the IT Team

No code enablement

UI & Forms Developer

Integration Developer

Business Analyst

IT Manager

Workflow Developer

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.