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Mobile App Automation

Mobile App Automation

Mobile App Automation

Building an entire mobile app suite for your users is easier than ever before using Odyssey Mobile App Automation. The Odyssey framework allows delivery of new app functionality to your users at the touch of a button.

Control the App Identity

Create white-labelled app suites with your organization’s logo, branding, and name in the Google Play App store (for Android devices) and Apple store (for iOS devices). This creates the framework for further service delivery.


Build mobile apps easily with cross-device platform functionality, and use centralized management and publication framework to roll out new inner-app functionality within the main app suite.

Enhanced User Experience

Give your users the power of single sign-on (or other authentication method) to the entire suite. Control user visibility and access to app feature functionality with robust role-based administration. The app renders powerful forms, intuitive dashboards, clear charts and interactive reports to make it easy for your users to get things done on the go.

Mobilize and Modernize without Risk

Use these inner-apps as gateways to your organization’s vital legacy applications, portals, and websites without having to change the underlying code of the original service using our Task Agent technology. Simplify and modernize your users experience without disrupting the service.