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HR Simplified

HR Simplified

Modernize employee relations and talent management with simple automation.

Odyssey for HR Departments

Human resources departments deal with a constant influx of sensitive information every day. From onboarding and employee relations, to payroll and compliance, manual processes slow down workflows and often compromise data security.

The addition of HR tech tools like management software and applicant tracking can help tackle a specific task, but these independent platforms create disjointed data silos that HR professionals have to sift through. With Odyssey, simple automation and strong integration enhance efficiency and bring your current processes up to speed. Odyssey effortlessly connects disparate applications to cut out inefficiencies and make the most of the tools you are already using. Modernizing HR workflows with no code automation helps to improve productivity, streamline processes and provide additional layers of built-in security to protect your organization's data.

Odyssey AIDA
The A.I. Driven Automation

With enhancements on speed, easy of use, and capabilities, Odyssey AIDA was designed specifically to leverage artificial intelligence to help your Human Resources department save time and money.

Candidate Matching: AIDA can analyze resumes and job descriptions to match candidates with job openings more effectively.

Employee Engagement Analysis: AIDA can analyze employee feedback and surveys to gauge and improve workforce engagement.

Bias Detection: AIDA can identify and reduce biases in the recruitment and hiring process, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Performance Prediction: AIDA can predict employee performance and suggest interventions to enhance productivity.

Employee Onboarding Chatbots: AIDA-powered chatbots can assist new hires with onboarding processes, answering common questions.

Workforce Planning: AIDA can forecast staffing needs based on business objectives and trends.

Improve Processes, Connections, and Compliance

Connected Systems

When platforms perform independent from one another, the data they produce is left segmented. This leads to swivel-chairing and manual data entry into other systems. Integrating third-party apps with Odyssey streamlines the transfer of HR data automatically, creating quick and reliable connections to various systems and applications.

Eliminate Manual Processes

HR processes are often reliant on paper collection and manual entry into digital systems. These inefficient workflows create roadblocks for both employees, candidates and HR staff. Odyssey automation provides beneficial time-savings for managing timesheets, PTO requests, performance appraisals, job posting and onboarding – increasing productivity all around.

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Increase Data Security

Juggling recruitment, employee relations and talent management functions produces a massive amount of sensitive data to protect. Automating workflows reduces the risks associated with human-prone errors. Odyssey’s built-in ten-layer security framework provides automated back-up of data and increased compliance with generated audit trails and customizable user access levels.

Your System – Smarter. Bring Your Teams Together.

The Odyssey Digital Automation Platform works across your entire organization, connecting software, data and departments, all without the user touching a single line of code.

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the Power of Odyssey

Odyssey is a powerful digital automation platform that enables its solutions with relentless simplicity. The Odyssey platform handles the complexities of managing workflow, scheduling, security, cross-platform interoperability and integration, audit and logging, reporting, and more. It’s web-enabled, and scales for capacity and redundancy in a variety of environments.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.