Today’s digital era has made it increasingly easier for both customers and employees to solve problems on their own. People are becoming more self-sufficient, expecting immediate responses to their inquiries and solutions they can implement themselves.

Without automation, it’s impossible to keep up. But by creating an automated knowledge base, you can support this new-found self-sufficiency, boost productivity, and improve your bottom line.

The Odyssey Platform takes the knowledge base one step further by using Smart Search functionality to generate automated responses to email customer service inquiries. When customers or employees reach out for assistance, Odyssey provides auto-recommendations for solving that issue. The end-user gets the response they need without any digging and without any heavy lift from your customer support team.

How the Odyssey Automated Response with Knowledge Base Smart Search Works

The process starts when a customer or employee experiences sends your team an email asking for assistance. The Odyssey system creates and updates a service ticket within the appropriate software before pulling automated responses from your knowledge base to send to the user.

At the end of the automated knowledge-base-generated response, the user will be asked if the answer was helpful. If they check yes, the service ticket is automatically marked “resolved.” If their needs are not met and they select no, a customer service agent will be alerted and they can step in to help. If you don’t already have a knowledge base response to the question, it will also prompt a support team member to step in.

Odyssey will automatically register the agent’s response within your knowledge base, keeping it up to date and ensuring future queries are properly answered.

To see the Odyssey Automated Response with Knowledge Base Smart Search process in action, check out this video.

Benefits of Automating Your Knowledge Base Responses

Whether you’re supporting internal teams or your customers, a knowledge base can improve communication, reduce stress, and cut costs. Here’s how.

1. Faster conflict resolution.

One of the realities of this digital era is that both customers and employees want instant gratification. As soon as they run into an issue or have a problem, they want to know how to solve it.

Not only do long support wait times cause frustration, but it also slows down the entire business process. When one team can’t do their job, other departments experience the lag as well. When you’re operating with manual teams, this puts immense pressure on them to act quickly, leading to mistakes or a lack of quality care.

Automating responses gives end users a faster path to resolving their conflicts or answering their questions. An automated system also means customers or employees can get responses outside of business hours, improving customer satisfaction and keeping processes moving efficiently.

2. Fewer time-consuming tasks.

If your customer support team is only there to regurgitate information, you’re wasting money. While it’s important to have a team able to solve customer problems or help team members get things done, there’s a point of diminishing returns.

An automated response system takes the weight off your team, allowing them to focus on more difficult problems. When their attention is directed to where they’re needed most, it can also ensure each user is getting a timely response because your skilled staff isn’t busy answering repetitive questions.

The end result is a lean, productive staff with less stress––meaning happier team members at a lower cost.

3. More comprehensive answers.

One of the biggest benefits of an automated knowledge base is that it is always growing. When a user has a question that can’t be solved with the information already available, the answer provided by your expert support team is automatically added to your knowledge base. This is then made available for when the next person with the same question comes around. At the same time, if the information should not be readily shared, the responder can stop the information from being added to the knowledge base.

This ever-growing base ensures each user is getting the most accurate and up-to-date response without needing to re-train or educate your service team members. Every individual is getting the same response, giving you control over the quality of service you’re providing.

Additionally, you can save money by avoiding complex training processes to ensure your team members are all up to date on the latest user needs and solutions.

Using Odyssey’s Smart Search Knowledge Base Automated Responses

A knowledge base can be an amazing resource for both internal and external teams. But when handed all that information, it’s hard to find exactly the answer you’re looking for. With Odyssey’s Smart Search Knowledge Base Automated Responses, your user gets exactly the response they need every time.

By eliminating the manual response process, you reduce your support team’s workload, provide better, more comprehensive responses to your users, and help them achieve faster resolutions to their conflicts––creating stronger relationships and more efficient workflows.