Odyssey Automation

Why Simplicity is the Future of Fast and Flexible Automation

Process automation is no longer a luxury reserved for large companies with even larger budgets. Today, businesses both big and small are finding ways to integrate their apps and streamline their systems. Unfortunately, this is almost always done with point-to-point … Read More

Low Code vs. No Code: How to Choose an Integration Platform

Selecting an integration platform for your enterprise can be an overwhelming decision. Your team members have different needs, decision makers have different priorities, and on top of it all, you’re bombarded with different “low code” and “no code” solutions that … Read More

End-to-End Security

End to End Security for Rugged DevOps and DevSecOps

End to End Security for Rugged DevOps and DevSecOps The Information Technology industry has moved past the argument that DevOps and IT Security are somehow incompatible, and moved on to embracing DevSecOps and rugged DevOps. Shorter development-to-deployment cycles do not … Read More

Odyssey-vs-RPA 2

No-Code vs RPA (Part 2)

No-Code vs RPA (Part 2) In recent days, we noticed a large number of visitors to our No-Code vs Robotic Process Automation blog post. So, here is the No-Code Automation vs Robotic Process Automation (Part 2). In this post we … Read More


AI Revolution No-Code Automation and Software Development

The AI Revolution: Transforming No-Code Automation and Software Development In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides, revolutionizing various industries. One area where AI is creating a significant impact is in the realm of no-code automation and software … Read More

IT Audit Workflow

IT Audit Workflow powered by No-Code Automation

Enhancing Efficiency and Performance with an IT Audit Workflow powered by No-Code Automation In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations rely heavily on IT systems to drive their operations. However, managing these systems effectively and ensuring their security can be … Read More