Odyssey Automation

Contract Management Solution

Contract Management Solution

Fully Connected Throughout Your Enterprise and Configurable to Your Needs.

What is the Odyssey Contract Management Solution (OCMS)?

The Odyssey Digital Automation platform provides you with a centralized fully-customizable contract management platform that fulfills the entire lifecycle of your contracts, fast, securely and at a reduced cost. Our main focus is ‘How can we make this process simpler for you?’ so that you and your team can focus your time on driving value, faster with less.

Simplicity Begins with Intelligent Features.

Contract Authoring & Management with Permission-Based Controls

Active Security & Data Protection

Secured Central Repository

Intelligent Automated Workflows

Built-In Search & Reporting

Alerts and Performance Tracking

Electronic Approvals & E-Signatures

Next Generation Integration

Significantly Cut Cost, Time and Risk.

Spend Less time on Contract Lifecycle

Odyssey creates legally-compliant contracts that are personalized to the specific user. User and company information along with legal disclaimers are automatically filled in by our intelligent software significantly reducing time to creation.

Enhance Productivity and Drive Revenue Faster

Odyssey allows you to instantly track and monitor contracts depending on your role, collaborate and negotiate with vendors, customers and partners, obtain electronic signatures, create alert notifications, quickly search for any document, approve tasks and complete obligations with increased efficiency.

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Heighten Security and Reduce Risk

Odyssey’s centralized platform provides out-of-the-box security that translates across devices, protecting your sensitive data regardless of where you’re accessing it.

What Does #1 in Integration Mean for You?

People are the future of innovation and successful innovation happens when connected minds have instant access to relevant information and enough time for thought. With Odyssey at its core, a fully-connected organization becomes a reality and time-consuming complexities are reduced so that you and your team can focus your time on driving value faster and with less. Less risk, less cost and less complexity.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.