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Out of the Office and Into Odyssey

What we used to reference as the future of the workforce became a reality overnight. As we continue to look forward, we need to ensure the right technology is in place to sustain these changes through the pandemic and beyond. Odyssey Digital Automation Platform can provide rapid solutions to the challenges of managing scattered teams by enabling digital connectivity, digital security, and data integrity.

The Power of Relentless Simplicity

Intelligent Automated Workflows

Automated Notifications & Alerts

Secured Central Repository

Customizable Index & Search

Active Security & Data Protection

Permission Based User Controls

Version Controls & Document Integrity

Document Sharing & Collaboration Apps

Accessibility with All Devices

Next Generation Integration

Automated Retention Policy

Tracking & Auditable Trails

Efficient Teleworkflow Solutions

Make sure your systems aren’t scattered, so your employee’s location can be

With powerful no-code integration capabilities, your team can get the most out of the tools you are using while cutting out time-consuming manual processes. Odyssey comes pre-installed with over 5,000 integration points across over 400 tools and applications.

Balancing user access control and security is now easier than ever

Odyssey can create portals for remote employees to have secure access to internal data when and wherever they need it. With Odyssey, your organization can create customizable access control levels and have centralized monitoring of user data for the entire organization in one place.

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Distance workers are always connected with enhanced collaboration

Odyssey’s intelligent automation can replace manual workflows from the traditional office setting. Alerts and notifications support approval processes and customizable dashboards provide a holistic view of action items. Tracking and audit logs are automatically generated so stakeholders can stay up-to-date.

COVID-19 Solution Resources

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Breaking Down Barriers for Both Patients & Employees

When a crisis strikes, worrying about a backlog of paperwork is not typically a first priority, but the business behind the frontline medical care supports the mission of getting patients the help they need as quickly as possible. Luckily, technology is here to help. Automating manual processes saves time so healthcare workers can focus on what’s really important – caring for patients.

A Whole New Meaning to Clean Data

Traditionally, preparing to see a healthcare provider means filling out a lot of paperwork. Whether it’s insurance information, consent forms, health history questionnaires, etc. the collection of this patient data is typically manual and hands-on. With Odyssey, creating a touchless visit for your patients becomes a reality. Digital forms and e-signatures are routed to the appropriate teams and that data is automatically added to the patient management software, so you don’t have to enter it twice. Automating these paper trails and creating custom patient portal access means quicker response times for providing test results, processing applications and approving insurance claims so your patients get the information they need safely and efficiently.

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Protecting Healthcare Employees and Their Data

Now, more than ever, creating efficient processes for healthcare workers is crucial. With Odyssey automation, shift scheduling and wellness tracking for your employees has never been easier. A central dashboard provides a quick overview of employee status and action items so you can monitor testing, contract tracing and isolation procedures. Real-time data is easily accessed on-the-go, enhancing communication across departments while still keeping private health information secure.

COVID-19 Solutions Backed by the Power of Odyssey

Odyssey is a powerful digital automation platform that enables its solutions with relentless simplicity. The Odyssey platform handles the complexities of managing workflow, scheduling, security, cross-platform interoperability and integration, audit and logging, reporting and more. It’s web-enabled, and scales for capacity and redundancy in a variety of environments.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.