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Strengthen and improve your organization’s cloud solution.

What is the Odyssey Cloud?

Data management isn’t just for your company’s data center. The addition of private, public, and hybrid clouds creates complexity, increasing the need for streamlined monitoring and security across your organization. Luckily with Odyssey, your cloud storage strategy doesn’t have to be up in the air.

The Odyssey Cloud is designed from the ground-up to orchestrate across platform, host and network boundaries – hosting your data regardless of where you are. Odyssey coordinates your workflows across your private clouds, public clouds, your in-house server rooms, and your software-as-a-service assets. Our powerful integration capabilities enable your team to tear down the barriers and customize checks and balances where you need them.

Simplify Your Cloud Strategy

Powerful Workflow Editor

Active Security & Data Protection

Cloud Management Infrastructure

Streamlined Cloud Provisioning Process

Detailed Automated Reporting

Customizable Dashboards & Notifications

Built-In Bandwidth Configurations

Powerful Rules Engine

End-to-End Integration

Permission Based User Controls

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Tracking & Auditable Trails

Increase Security, Flexibility and Collaboration

Eliminate the Physical Workplace

Connect with the rest of your business, regardless of location. By coordinating your workflows across your private cloud, public cloud and your in-house server rooms, you can remove physical barriers while ensuring your data is appropriately protected.

Unify Diverse Platforms

Odyssey enables your team to take full control of your cloud. Seamlessly bring together your servers, systems, applications and databases to help your organization manage the complexities of diverse platforms with ease.

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Manage Resources & Bandwidth

With Odyssey’s workflow editor, you can add dedicated or virtual servers into your processes within minutes, allowing you to better manage difficult system administrator tasks while controlling how much bandwidth is used.

Cloud Integration Backed by the Power of Odyssey

Our Cloud solution is built on Odyssey, a powerful digital automation platform that enables its solutions with relentless simplicity. The Odyssey platform handles the complexities of managing workflow, scheduling, security, cross-platform interoperability and integration, audit and logging, reporting, and more. It’s web-enabled, and scales for capacity and redundancy in a variety of environments.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.