Odyssey Automation



The No-Code Odyssey Digital Automation Platform is the most dynamic integration and workflow automation platform on the market today. Able to scale across organizations and industries across the spectrum, Odyssey will empower your technology to drive simplicity rather than confusion. Providing intelligent, validated and secure data at your fingertips will allow more time for proactive planning and strategic execution, regardless of whether you are part of a large financial services firm or a regional hospital chain looking to grow.

Financial Services​

Juggling multiple systems tailored to solve only those problems specific to each individual department? The Odyssey platform is designed to link those applications together so your team does not need to spend time doing it themselves, eliminating the risk of reentry errors and ensuring the integrity of the information.

Healthcare Services

Elevate patient care and satisfaction to new, proactive heights, all within the secure, 10-bit encrypted Odyssey Digital Automation Platform for healthcare management.

Oil and Gas

Streamline production demands with supply-chain plans by integrating data across all platforms from the field to production to end-point delivery utilizing the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform.


Planes, trains and automobiles. Life, Short-term, Long-term and Accidental Death Insurance policies. The list of portfolios and documentation relevant to these policies all generates mountains of paperwork with terms, conditions and agreed upon terms that can be overwhelming when your technology systems are not talking to one another.


Success in retail is largely driven on effective customer service, streamlined inventory operations and ongoing marketing efforts. Proactively managing that amount of data and information is complex, tedious and time consuming. Automate your data workflows between systems, departments and locations utilizing the no-code Odyssey Digital Automation Platform to drive efficiency in planning, training, operations and billing.

  • Integrated Back-End Operations
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Seamless Front-End Interactions
  • Sales and Training Video Repository
    Sales and Training Video Repository
  • Campaign Management Dashboard


Manufacturing is an industry driven by people, processes and efficiency. Juggling multiple systems, consistent churn within the workforce and merger and acquisition activities automatically reduces productivity. Automate employee onboarding, inventory planning and acquisition activities while streamlining manufacturing processes with the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform.


With no lack of data within governmental systems, management and interpretation of that information can be very difficult. Odyssey streamlines the information, making what you need to know readily available.

  • First Responder Communications
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Tax Payment Automation
  • DevOps Efficiency
  • Application Build