Odyssey Automation

Why Odyssey

Why Odyssey?

Simplify enterprise automation by connecting people, applications and information.

What is the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform?

Odyssey is a powerful, code-free, digital automation platform that simplifies business processes to streamline workflows, lower risk, and empower your organization today and into the future. Using the power of simplicity, Odyssey removes existing barriers to unlock actionable data insights while creating collaboration pathways to share information across systems and departments. Our no-code configuration approach enables anyone, regardless of IT skill to automate. Connecting devices, systems and processes has never been easier – that’s the power of Relentless Simplicity.

Simplify Your Business Processes

Intelligent Automated Workflows

Next Generation Integration

Engineered as No Code Solution

Secured Central Repository

Flexible & Highly Scalable

Active Security and Data Protection

Permission Based User Controls

Centralized Audit and Compliance Reporting

Real-time Monitoring and Notifications

Actionable Dashboards

Mobility & Cloud Enabled

Comprehensive Business Rules Engine

Embedded AI/ML

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automate Workflows, Save Time, and Stay Secure

Next Gen Integration

The Odyssey Platform goes beyond APIs. Odyssey comes pre-installed with over 5,000 integration points across over 400 tools and applications. Odyssey typically covers 70% of a company's technology stack all without needing to hand code a single line.

Wizard-Driven Workflows

With Odyssey’s configuration approach, the creation process is streamlined. No development experience is needed, allowing team members of all skill levels to craft intelligent workflows to move processes along in a faster, more cost-effective way.

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Increased Security

Unreliable point to point integrations increase risk and create more potential points of failure. Odyssey is backed by a comprehensive ten-layer security framework that is engrained into the foundation of the platform, not added on as an afterthought.

Transform Your Enterprise with Hyperautomation

All automation solutions come together within the Odyssey platform in order to provide a comprehensive digital transformation strategy combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation technologies into one solution. Automation is expansive and the more employees, departments, and processes it can touch, the better future proofed your organization will be. Simplify the process and lower the learning curve, by deploying one tool to address the entire spectrum of hyperautomation.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.