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Financial Services

Automation and Integration that allows your team to focus on bringing value to the client.

Odyssey for Financial Services Teams

Financial Services, by all accounts is a very complex and highly regulated industry. Associating “Financial Services” and “Simplified” would seem to be an oxymoron. But what if there was a tool that could provide automation and integration to a wide span of the Financial Services’ Organization, thereby allowing people to focus on bringing value to the client and organization versus creating data. Introducing the Odyssey Digital Automation Platform.

The Five Tools Solution

Odyssey, comprised of the five tools in a no-code wrapper highlighted in the picture above, enables firms to address their automation and integration needs quickly and seamlessly across the entire enterprise experience.

Data & Application Security

Rules Engine



UI & Forms Developer

The Odyssey Solution

Addressing Client Lifecycle Management needs, create automated client onboarding with connected KYC and OFAC, client self-help portals and the automation of client complaint tracking. Unlock data in legacy platforms to understand client focus and mentality while addressing client needs. Integrate the CRM to all the “book of record” applications across the enterprise to get a true “360-view” of the client providing the sales, customer support and marketing teams one place to go for the “truth”.

Governance, Risk and Compliance is an important component of any successful Financial Services organization, typically rift with manual data collection to satisfy audit and regulatory demands. Odyssey seamlessly gathers information, regardless of if it is in a mainframe, server or third party application, and brings it to where it is needed. Extending this to AML and OFAC further insulates the firm from these risks. Prepare for future regulatory impacts with horizon scanning making the firm proactive versus reactionary. With the emphasis on PII and data privacy, Odyssey encrypts all data at flight and at rest, while maintaining all data behind the firm’s firewalls, extracting only meta data related to processes to the SaaS solution.

Lending and Payments areas have many complex processes to ensure integrity of the process and proper transaction settlements. Because multiple applications are used, operations will need to enter and exit multiple applications in a single workflow, usually re-entering the same information multiple times. Loan Origination, Loan Management, and Bank Payments and Credit Card Operations, not to mention SWIFT cross-border payment case resolution, are all good examples of high volume, multi-application and approvals that are highly manual intensive. Odyssey, with its workflow, rules engine and integration capabilities, can quickly eliminate most manual processes, reducing the work to exception processing. This lowers risk while driving efficiency into the operations.

Teller Operations, and important client facing organization, is typically burdened with multiple applications to jump in and out of while the client stands at the window. Have Odyssey eliminate the dual entry and ensure compliance at the window One customer realized a 127% ROI and 7-month payback. Not to mention the increase in client satisfaction scores and teller job satisfaction improvement.

To overly simplify, Wealth Management has two sides of the business: Advisory (Sales) and Operations. The Advisory function includes Investment Advice, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Services and Accounting, all client facing processes. Have Odyssey extract required data from customer completed forms and quickly prepopulate necessary information to other applications. Pull required information from book of record systems and CRM, greatly reducing the tedious inputting of information. For Operations, be it trade settlements, cash movements, corporate actions or myriad of other middle and back-office processes, Odyssey can automate and reduce these processes to exception processing, lowering corporate risk while increasing efficiency.

The New Business and Deal Lifecycle can be positively impacted by Odyssey. Whether its coordinating product launches. Create portals to track the launch sequence across multiple locations while ensuring easy collaboration and process coordination. With Odyssey’s built-in audit trail, track all activity and know who did want, when and where to ensure process integrity. The Deal Initiation and Review process can be greatly enhanced with Odyssey’s workflow and rules engine to ensure proper oversight is created, given size of the deal and other parameters determined by the financial institution.

Designed For Greater Efficiency

Corporate Functions are also candidates for automation, be it the procurement and legal areas, where Odyssey Contract Management Solution addresses the full lifecycle of a contract, or automating data gathering and consolidation in the accounting area or creating “next best” scenarios or client profiles in the Marketing area or automating employee onboarding in the HR area, these are but a short list of automation opportunities that can drive ever greater efficiency in the Corporate Functions.

Financial Services Backed by
the Power of Odyssey

There are many opportunities to realize risk mitigation, revenue growth and increased efficiency across the Financial Services Company. This is but a short list of the possibilities. Click below to learn more or set up a consultation.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.