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Edge Computing

Odyssey Edge Computing

Accelerate processing with your data on the edge.

What is Odyssey Edge Computing?

There’s power in pushing the computing out of the central server room, and toward where it is needed most. It reduces total system latency, preserves bandwidth, and keeps valuable data where it’s secure. Odyssey's edge computing abilities enable local data processing where only relevant information is sent back via the cloud, reducing bandwidth usage. Odyssey Automation powers edge computing with the relentless simplicity that makes it fast and easy to adopt.

Simplify Your Enterprise

Advanced Rules Engine

Real-time Data Analysis

Secure Device Management

End-to-End Integration

Digital Ledger & Auditable Trails

Capture and Present Key Metrics

Streamlined Testing & Deployment

Powerful Workflow Editor

Permission Based User Controls

Automated Notifications

Built-in Form Editor

Active Security & Data Protection

Eliminate Latency and Embrace Data in Real-Time

Deployment Flexibility

You can deploy Odyssey automation wherever you need it. Whether you are using Odyssey from your primary data center to remotely coordinate several different intelligent data sources and processes, or installed right alongside them, Odyssey is flexible enough to be deployed in the data center, cloud, secure lab, or on site at a remote location such as your warehouse, refinery, or retail space.

Edge Data Transformation

Odyssey can perform complex data extraction, transformation, and insertion on a remote node without bringing the data to the Odyssey Core. This approach drastically reduces bandwidth from Odyssey to the remote nodes, and leaves the data secure and available on the systems that need it. In the current landscape where costs rise for data coming in and out of a cloud, this approach can bring substantial cost savings.

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Data Lakes, Swamps & Pipelines

The same tools that provide local data transformation can efficiently package the information from multiple upstream sources to your data warehouse, data swamp, or data lake. Alternatively, you can be much more particular, and grab only what you need from different sources, have Odyssey combine them, and store them where you need.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises total integration of our lives by engineering all of our devices to work together–but that promise only holds when the right intelligence is in place. Odyssey IoT provides that intelligence, enabling users to live smarter and do more.

Integrating Fragmented Platforms

Devices today speak a variety of languages, making it complicated to get different systems to work together. Odyssey speaks the language of over 400 task agents and 5,000 integration points to connect devices, regardless of their platform.

Customized Deployment

Odyssey connects IT and development accurately, consistently and securely to promote a secure management approach to your devices. You can speed up your development, testing and deployment of configurations, software and firmware to better upgrade and manage your systems.

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Eliminate Data Silos

Siloed data, analytics and information can prevent your team from making intelligent decisions. Odyssey IoT gives you the power to combine, analyze and interpret data, as well as create custom reports across devices and utilize massive datasets to fine-tune your predictive capabilities and optimize your services.

Your Bridge to Blockchain

As business process automation continues to transform, blockchain provides a trusted technology ledger that removes the middleman from transactional workflows - saving you valuable time.

But in order to develop this chain of ledger details, you first need to extract the data from existing applications. Odyssey automation acts as the bridge between your legacy platforms and blockchain by speeding up the creation process. Our powerful third-party integration capabilities enable Odyssey to reach into your current systems to collect the pertinent data that will facilitate the construction of the blockchain. Where the blockchain build process acts as a conveyor belt crunching the numbers and developing a ledger, Odyssey will fuel the chain with the information it needs to move forward, allowing your organization to embrace new technology with ease.

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The Power of Odyssey

Edge Computing Backed by the Power of Odyssey

Our ability to power edge computing and fuel AI integrations is built on Odyssey, a powerful digital automation platform that enables its solutions with relentless simplicity. The Odyssey platform handles the complexities of managing workflow, scheduling, security, cross-platform interoperability and integration, audit and logging, reporting, and more. It’s web-enabled, and scales for capacity and redundancy in a variety of environments.

Odyssey integrates with over 400+ apps and tools, delivering 5,000+ capabilities to your frameworks and workflows.