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Low Code vs. No Code: How to Choose an Integration Platform

Selecting an integration platform for your enterprise can be an overwhelming decision. Your team members have different needs, decision makers have different priorities, and on top of it all, you’re bombarded with different “low code” and “no code” solutions that … Read More

Debunking Myths Around No Code Integration

The term “No-Code” has been tossed around for several years—but it’s rarely met the expectations. Confusion around what is and isn’t no-code has left many people in the IT world wondering if a true no-code integration platform even exists. In … Read More

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2023 Marketing Trends: A No Code Revolution?

2023 Marketing Trends: A No Code Revolution? According to the latest Google Trends, in 2022 people searched for “no code automation tools” like never before. The topic ranged from automation tools to no code banking process automation, insurance data automation, … Read More

No-Code vs RPA (Part 3)

No Code vs RPA (Part 3) With all the buzz around ChatGPT we decided to ask the engine “Why is No-Code better than RPA.” The latest version (GPT 4.0) gave us a significantly improved answer that we had to share.  … Read More