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Top 3 Benefits of HR Onboarding Workflow Automation

Top 3 Benefits of HR Onboarding Workflow Automation As a Human Resources IT professional, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that your organization’s onboarding process is smooth, efficient, and effective. With the right tools and strategies, you can … Read More

Why Simplicity is the Future of Fast and Flexible Automation

Process automation is no longer a luxury reserved for large companies with even larger budgets. Today, businesses both big and small are finding ways to integrate their apps and streamline their systems. Unfortunately, this is almost always done with point-to-point … Read More

How Using Multiple Automation Platforms is Costing You

Automation is digitally transforming organizations across almost every department. From marketing and human resources to finance and legal to operations, automated processes allow employees at any level to get more done in less time. However, each department has different automation … Read More

A (R)evolution in Automation and Software Integration

According to the CHAOS Report by the Standish Group, only 29% if all software development projects were successful. Now, there are many factors that contribute to a project’s success or failure, but one thing is certain, integration is key. This … Read More

How to Maximize Process Automation to Future-Proof

Automation is revolutionizing companies in many different ways. From streamlining complicated processes to eliminating expensive manual systems, automation technology impacts businesses regardless of size or industry––and we shouldn’t expect to see the pace of change slow down any time soon. … Read More

5 Major Automation & Integration Concerns Every Team Experiences—And How Odyssey Can Help

Many teams experience automation and integration concerns or complications when they first introduce a new tool to their organization. In a recent CanAm survey commissioned by Pantheon, Inc., over half of respondents claimed the complexity and time to implement an … Read More

How Relentlessly Simple Automation Eliminates Operational Complexities

Your operations department ensures the rest of the business functions as smoothly as possible. From protecting the quality of products or services to maintaining a tight delivery schedule, operations act as the backbone to any enterprise. Your team needs to … Read More

Is Automation the Answer to Your MarTech Stack Challenges?

It’s no secret that the marketing technology industry has had exponential growth in the last decade. Since 2011, this landscape has experienced a growth of over 5,000% – no, that’s not a typo! Currently, there are 8,000 MarTech solutions on the market and counting. … Read More

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2023 Marketing Trends: A No Code Revolution?

2023 Marketing Trends: A No Code Revolution? According to the latest Google Trends, in 2022 people searched for “no code automation tools” like never before. The topic ranged from automation tools to no code banking process automation, insurance data automation, … Read More


Speed Up Software Production

Speed Up Software Production No-code automation is a powerful technology that can help enterprises speed up their software production and increase efficiency. Businesses can automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and improve workflow without the need for costly and time-consuming coding. … Read More