Odyssey Automation

Database Change Management

Database (Oracle, SQL) Change Management Odyssey-Use-Cases-Database-Change-Management-01 The customer wanted to gate dev changes to a critical Oracle Database, and then apply approved changes quickly andaccurately. A project was created to institute an approval process and then apply the changes. The … Read More

Email Direct and Proxy Approvals

Email Direct and Proxy Approvals Managers do not need to log into Odyssey for routine approvals. Many systems, like CA Harvest, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, SharePoint and so forth require manager approval at stages of for actions like promotion, publication, … Read More

Application Portfolios Management

Odyssey use case for Application Portfolios Management A customer wanted a way to manage their Application Portfolio Management process. Each application in the enterprise portfolio would be reviewed, rated on perceived capability and cost. Peer applications and potential replacements would … Read More

Automated Ticket Handling

Odyssey use case for Automated Ticket Handling Automated ticket handling gets users to their resolution faster while taking less agent time; Odyssey can add an additional layer of intelligence to other systems. An Odyssey project monitors a ticketing system, such … Read More

Business Application Onboarding

Odyssey use case for Business Application Onboarding A customer wanted to bring rigor to the process of onboarding a new business application, to make sure none of the reviews were missed or skipped. A workflow was created to collect information … Read More

Change Management

Odyssey Change Management (Technology Neutral) Odyssey-Use-Cases-Change-Management The change management workflow adds speed and precision to developing, testing, and deploying application changes all while maintaining quality and system integrity. A project was created to speed the majority of the ancillary processes, … Read More

Case Management from Rational ClearQuest

Odyssey Defect/Case/Incident Management from Rational ClearQuest Odyssey-Use-Cases-Case-Management-from-Rational-ClearQuest The customer needed a way to distribute case management summary information on a regular basis. A project was created that used the Odyssey Rational ClearQuest Task Agent to generate a chart of case … Read More

Channel Partner Portal

Odyssey use case for Channel Partner Portal A customer needed a Channel Partner Portal to manage information dissemination about upcoming products to the partners, and process channel partner requests for additional information. An Odyssey project allowed authorized users of the … Read More

Catalog Assembly

Odyssey use case for Catalog Assembly A customer wanted to automate a product catalog for a frequently changing line of lubrication products. An Odyssey project read data from multiple sources (multiple databases, SharePoint sites, and individual document files) and correlated … Read More

Content and Document Publishing

Odyssey use case for Content and Document Publishing Odyssey-Use-Cases-Content-and-Document-Publishing A customer needed a system to gate, organize, and republish a large mass of content to the right audiences. An Odyssey project allows authorized creators to upload documents into the system … Read More