You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan or an experienced software developer to appreciate the wonders of Odyssey’s workflow wizardry.

Our advanced drag-and-drop workflow editor allows you to build complex workflows without a single line of coding. Configuration options and variables are presented as drop-down menus, check boxes, and simple entry fields, so your team can customize processes with ease.

A graphical representation of the workflow is generated to outline the order of applications, user access roles and the conditions that need to be achieved before the next application is triggered. Also, each application can have its own steps and approval process in place which integrates with the overall workflow tying multiple applications together. Odyssey even provides a detailed history of actions with timestamps so your organization can always have complete transparency and easily maintain compliance.

With Odyssey, you can let automation handle the tedious manual tasks, so your team can focus on achieving results while minimizing errors, saving time, and reducing costs. Learn the top benefits of Odyssey’s workflow automation capabilities in the infographic below and be sure to check out these resources for more information:

Demo Video: Odyssey Workflow Automation

Brochure: Odyssey Workflow Automation

The Technical Benefits of Workflow Automation with Odyssey

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